10 Apprenticeships for your Teenage Sims!

Ten Apprenticeships for Teens!

So University Life is here and lots of Young Adult, Adult and even Elder Sims are living it up at Uni!
But not every Sim can afford to go to Uni. So I have provided a solution for those ambitious teenagers who may not be able to live the University Life, but who still want a further education.

So here, I present you, ten Apprenticeships!

Construction Building
Hospitality and Catering
Learning and Development
Music Business
Property Services
Sporting Excellence
Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
Veterinary Nursing

Now, these Apprenticeships are, essentially, part-time teen careers. Your teens can go and apply at the associated rabbit-hole building and land themselves a three-level apprenticeship. To change the designated rabbithole to suit your own requirements, I have a tutorial HERE for you to follow. They will earn money each day and will work from 4pm-7pm, Monday to Friday.

Each apprenticeship has three levels and each have two or three custom tones to build skills or improve career performance. Once your teen is promoted to Level 3, they will receive a reward certificate in their Family Inventory to put up on the wall to show off their achievements. As an additional bonus, when your teen ages up to Young Adult, when they apply for the connecting career, they’ll start at a higher level!
Each Apprenticeship has its own custom uniform. There are, currently, no opportunities. It’s challenging enough getting the teens to complete homework and build up the required skills, without throwing extra opportunities into the equation!

Four of the Apprenticeships connect to Base Game careers; the remaining six connect to some of my custom careers. Full details and screenshots can be found in the links above. It is not essential to have these careers installed. But if you do have them installed, then your teen can start working at a higher level when they age up.

How The Promoting Works

When your teenage Sim ages up while employed in an Apprenticeship, they will appear to stay in the apprenticeship. In order for them to get into the “Adult” career, your Sim needs to apply for the job via the Rabbithole, or on the newspaper or computer, as normal. They will appear to only be in level one of the “Adult” career when they join, but after a few moments, it will change to a different level.
If your Sim is at Level One in the apprenticeship, they will not gain any career advancement.
If your Sim is at Level Two in the apprenticeship, they will promote into Level 4 in the “Adult” career.
If your Sim is at Level Three in the apprenticeship, they will promote into Level 6 in the “Adult” career.

Please don’t ask me to change this! It’s the way to code works in Twallan’s Careers mod and I can’t change it.

Now for the technical details…

The Apprenticeships were created on patch 1.50. For the Apprenticeships to show up in game, you’ll need Nraas Careers Mod.

They work on patch 1.50 and work on patches 1.55-1.69 and should work on any lower patches, although do let me know if they don’t, and I can make a note of it. These careers do not overwrite any EA careers.

Right now, each Apprenticeship is in English and supports Spanish, German and Russian translations (huge thanks to argos93, Angie and Victor for translating!) I’ll include translation instructions at the end of this post.
When you download these Apprenticeships, there will be two files. The .package file must go in your Mods folder, as normal. The TEXT file remains untouched, unless you are translating. Then, this is the file you translate. I thought it easier than uploading ten other zip files just for the language strings. So to clarify, the TEXT file Does Not need to go in the Mods folder. It will just sit there and do nothing.

DOWNLOAD Accounting Apprenticeship
DOWNLOAD Construction Building Apprenticeship
DOWNLOAD Hospitality and Catering Apprenticeship
DOWNLOAD ICT Apprenticeship
DOWNLOAD Learning and Development Apprenticeship
DOWNLOAD Music Business Apprenticeship
DOWNLOAD Property Services Apprenticeship
DOWNLOAD Sporting Excellence Apprenticeship
DOWNLOAD Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Apprenticeship
DOWNLOAD Veterinary Nursing Apprenticeship
DOWNLOAD All 10 Apprenticeships

Additional Credits:
Twallan, for his excellent Careers Mod
Inge and Peter Jones for S3PE
Creon, for his tutorial on Career Creating
My Apprenticeship Team:


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11 Responses to 10 Apprenticeships for your Teenage Sims!

  1. Emma says:

    Do I need the University Llife expansion pack for these mods?

  2. missyhissy says:

    I give more details on the first set of links near the top of the post. Each link gives the full information about the apprenticeship, including what EPs they require 🙂

  3. Emma says:

    Oh sorry! I didn’t see this ^_^’ But thanks for this amazing mod ❤

  4. John Doe says:

    Hey, is there a way I can download all of these at once? It would save me the trouble.

  5. Lilidebergerac says:

    Hi Missy! Lili de Bergerac from TSD here!
    I was wondering if you could add the language strings for these, I’d like to give it a go in french, but I couldn’t find them. Thanks a lot if you do! Your careers are the best!

  6. Lilidebergerac says:

    Oh sorry! I just noticed they were in the download! I’m so stupid! Sorry 😦

  7. LK9T9akaSEKTOR says:

    Does it work with rabbit hole rugs and doors?

    • missyhissy says:

      Yes, it does. If you place the rugs/doors in game, you’ll need to save, quit to main menu and reload the save for them to show but they work perfectly 🙂

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