Bartender Career

I bring you a Bartender Career, requested by partyanimal333 and silverio1975 at Mod the Sims! For this career to show up in game, you’ll need Twallan’s Careers Mod:

Patch 1.29 ~ Phase Nine
Patch 1.31-1.36 ~ Phase Ten
Patch 1.38-1.39 ~ Phase Eleven
Patch 1.42-1.48 ~ Phase Twelve
Patch 1.50 ~ Phase Thirteen
Patch 1.55-1.57 ~ Phase Fourteen
Patch 1.63 ~ Phase Fifteen
Only the Base game and Late Night are needed for this career to work and it will work with any combination of Expansion and Stuff packs.
It was made with patch 1.48 and works on patches 1.48-1.63 and should work on all patch levels, although if it doesn’t, please let me know.
The career is in English and supports European Portuguese, Dutch and Brazillian Portuguese translations (Thanks to CDDCVivien and vini for the translations!). I’ll include translation instructions at the end.


The career is based at the Restaurant (Bistro). It has ten levels and focuses on the Athletic, Logic, Charisma and Mixology skills.
There are no uniforms for this career. You can edit career outfits with patch 1.31 and above, so I highly suggest using this feature to give your Sims a uniform of your own choosing 🙂
Right now, there are no opportunities. I am going to be attempting this soon, so watch this space!
There are four custom tones; Talk to Customers, which builds the Charisma skill; Talk About Drinks, which builds the Mixology skill; Throw Out Rowdy Patrons (Level 3 Only), which builds the Athletic skill; and Restock the Bar (Level 4 Only), which also builds the Athletic skill.


Career Levels

1. Night Owl ~ Love the night life so much that you can’t sleep? Do you have to go out every night of the week? Can you stay up for 24 hours straight? Then this is the career for you.
Hours: 8.00pm ~ 11.00pm
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

2.  Bar Stalker  ~ Do bars quiver at your very presence? Do bartenders duck when they see you? Do staff members run and hide when you walk through the door? Yep! You’re a Bar Stalker.
Hours:  6.00pm ~ 11.00pm
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

3. Bouncer ~ Are you good at turning people away? Can you be a “Yes” or “No” man (or woman)? Are you in good shape? Well, you’d better be. You know how they can get after having a few too many.
Hours:  5.00pm ~ 11.00pm
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

4. Barback ~Are you ready to restock the bar, wash glasses, refill cherries, lemon and lime slices, clean up empty glasses and more? Can you have the bartender’s back? Then being a barback is for you.

Hours:  4.00pm ~ 11.00pm
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

5. Bartending Moonlighter ~ You are finally away from being under other bartenders wings. No more are you a servant. You are in charge of your own destiny now. Well sort of, for at least a couple of hours anyway.
Hours:  7.00pm ~ 11.00pm
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

6. Bar Psychologist ~ Do you love to talk, but mostly listen? Do you love helping people with their problems? Can you give good advice? Then you have what it takes to succeed in this position.
Hours:  5.00pm ~ 11.00pm
Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

7. Mood Master ~ Can you tell what people need when they walk up to the bar? Got what it takes to help people wash away their sorrows? Can you bring people up when they are down or down when they are up? Then you’re perfect for the job.
Hours:  5.00pm ~ 11.00pm
Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

8. Creative Creator ~ Do you have a wild imagination? Can you mix any drink and make it taste good? Are you a mad scientist of drinks? Why not give this a try?
Hours:  5.00pm ~ 11.00pm
Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

9. Master of Mixology ~ Do you know all the latest drinks? Can you make any drink asked of you? Is no drink too impossible to learn, make or master? Do you have a broad knowledge of drink combinations? Do you dream of making drinks in your sleep? Well, then you are a master of mixology.
Hours:  4.00pm ~ 11.00pm
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

10. Professional of Bar Drinks ~You finally made it. You are at the top now. You came a long way. A lot of hard work and drinks, but it was all worth it. Now you run the show and sometimes you are the show (with all those fancy tricks you learned along the way). Congratulations. Relax and make yourself a drink for a change.
Hours:  6.00pm ~ 11.00pm
Days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday

I’m not fluent enough in any other languages to translate, so if you’re interested in translating this career into your language, then please download this Language Strings file and open the file up in Notepad.
<STR>Translate This Text</STR>
Do that for the entire file, then email me your translation to: and let me know which language you’re translating to. 🙂
The career works for me but if you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll do my best to sort it as quickly as possible.
Credits go to:
Creon for his tutorial on creating custom careers
ThomasRiordan for tutorial on the STBL strings
partyanimal333 and silverio1975 for requesting the career
partyanimal333 for providing me with all the information I needed!
Twallan, for his wonderful Career mod!
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5 Responses to Bartender Career

  1. Thank you so much you are a sweet heart…. I love the new site.. Did you want me to update your link to here.

  2. GummyBear says:

    Hello Missy 🙂
    Me again, with the same problem as with the Mage Guild career.
    My sim gets to Bartending Moonlighter level, her skills tab gets empty and every time she tries to do something that’s skill raising she is reset by Error Trap. When she resigns all is fine and dandy.

    Patch 1.67
    All EP up to University Life (including)
    Twallan’s Career module: phase 15, ver 86

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