Canine Beautician Career

I bring you a Canine Beautician Career, requested by my Mum! For this career to show up in game, you’ll need Twallan’s Careers Mod:

Patch 1.29 ~ Phase Nine
Patch 1.31-1.36 ~ Phase Ten
Patch 1.38-1.39 ~ Phase Eleven
Patch 1.42-1.48 ~ Phase Twelve
Patch 1.50 ~ Phase Thirteen
Patch 1.55-1.57 ~ Phase Fourteen
Patch 1.63 ~ Phase Fifteen
Only the Base game is needed for this career to work and it will work with any combination of Expansion and Stuff packs.
It was made with patch 1.50 and works on patch 1.55-1.63 and should work on all patch levels, although if it doesn’t, please let me know.
The career is in EnglishEuropean Portuguese, Polish and Dutch (Thanks to CDDC, Monika and Denise for the translations!). I’ll include translation instructions at the end.


The career is based at the Day Spa. It has five levels and focuses on the Athletic and Charisma skills.
There are no uniforms for this career. You can edit career outfits with patch 1.31 and above, so I highly suggest using this feature to give your Sims a uniform of your own choosing 🙂
Right now, there are no opportunities. I am going to be attempting this soon, so watch this space!
There is one custom tones; Talk to Customers, which builds the Charisma skill.


Career Levels1. Groomer ~ All those matts and tangles need to be carefully removed before bathing. Start with small dogs and work your way up to the bigger breeds and you’ll be grooming like a professional in no time. If you work on your charisma skills, the customers will like you a lot more and trust you with their dogs.
Hours: 10.00am ~ 5.00pm
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday2.  Bather  ~ Always start bathing from the head (avoiding the eyes and ears), then work your way down to the tail and feet. Not all dogs like being bathed, so prepare to be as soaked as your canine companion by the end of the day! Building on your athletic skills are advised before lifting the heavier dogs!

Hours:  10.00am ~ 5.00pm
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

3. Dryer ~ Your clean canines now need to be carefully brushed, dried and combed to perfection. This takes time and once again, not all dogs enjoy being pampered, so watch out for the shake!
Hours:  10.00am ~ 5.00pm
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

4. Clipper ~ Some breeds of dog require clipping and trimming but it takes a lot of practise to perfect it. Don’t forget to clip the nails if they need it! Start small and trim your way up to the bigger dogs and soon you’ll be able to clip and trim with your eyes closed (This is not recommended, however. So don’t try it).

Hours:  10.00am ~ 5.00pm
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday5. Canine Beautician ~ You’re the top dog now – well, top dog groomer, anyway! You spent many hours learning how to groom, bath, dry and clip all breeds of dog and now you can do it with no problems! The world of dog grooming is at your feet! Go you!
Hours:  10.00am ~ 5.00pm
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
I’m not fluent enough in any other languages to translate, so if you’re interested in translating this career into your language, then please download this Language Strings file and open the file up in Notepad.
<STR>Translate This Text</STR>
Do that for the entire file, then email me your translation to: and let me know which language you’re translating to. 🙂
The career works for me but if you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll do my best to sort it as quickly as possible.
Credits go to:
Creon for his tutorial on creating custom careers
ThomasRiordan for tutorial on the STBL strings
My Mum for requesting the career and for providing me with all the information I needed!
Twallan, for his wonderful Career mod!
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6 Responses to Canine Beautician Career

  1. BCN_Sims says:

    Man, I keep thinking I have downloaded everything and you just keep adding things! 😀 Are you any close to done with the moving?
    Anyways. Thank you for all your careers! And the only reason I post this here in this entry, it’s because I saw this career and thought “that would be just perfect for Andrew Jones!”. So thanks from him too. 😛

  2. missyhissy says:

    Yes, the move is complete! The old site is staying up for a few months to give people time to find this one, but this is now the main site! 😀

  3. “I bring you a Bartender Career”. A little mistake in your desription (first sentence). Don’t worry, we know you do your best. It can happen

  4. Trey says:

    Could you please make hair stylist/ barber career?


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