Diving Career


I bring you a Diving Career! This was requested a while ago by EllieKontos, but I’ve only just finished it! For this career to show up in game, you’ll need Nraas Careers Mod.

Only the Base Game is required for this career to work. It was made with patch 1.69 and should work on all patch levels, although if it doesn’t, please let me know.
The career is in English and Russian (thanks to Victor for the translation!). I’ll include translation instructions at the end.

The career is based at the Day Spa. To change the designated rabbithole to suit your own requirements, I have a tutorial HERE for you to follow. It has ten levels and focuses on the Athletic, Handiness, Logic and Charisma skills.
There are uniforms for all ten levels in this career. You can edit career outfits with patch 1.31 and above, so I highly suggest using this feature to give your Sims a uniform of your own choosing :)

Right now, there are no opportunities.
There is one custom tone; Practise Diving, which builds the Athletic skill AND the hidden Diving Skill.


Career Levels

1. Diving Novice ~ You’re starting to learn some skills in diving. Your coach is helping you with every step and technique you make and is keeping a good eye on you. You might have a special talent after all.
Hours: 7.00am ~ 4.00pm
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

2.  Basic Diver ~ Now you’re starting to get the hang of techniques in diving. Each time you dive off the platform you remember your coach telling you “point your toes” or “straighten your arms” but in the end of lessons he tells you that you did a good job.
Hours:  7.00am ~ 4.00pm
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

3. Better-Than-Basic Diver ~ Your skills in diving are developing very quickly. Your coach is impressed in and out of the pool and you’re remembering each time he corrects you. You put a lot of effort into diving and everyone is pleased with you so far.
Hours:  7.00am ~ 4.00pm
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

4. 5 Metre Board Diver ~ You’re progressing very quickly and have upped your game from the 3 meter board to the 5 meter board. You have bought your diving equipment from the local store and are determined to carry this sport on as your career.
Hours: 9.00am ~ 5.00pm
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

5. Diving Amateur ~ Everyone is pleased with how far you have got throughout your diving experience. From being scared to jump off the side to now jumping off the 5 meter board with tucks and pikes everyone can’t wait to see what type of diver you turn into.
Hours: 9.00am ~ 4.00pm
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

6. 7.5 Metre Board Diver ~ You’re ready for the 7.5 Meter board and you’re not afraid. You have been training like mad and practising at the gym. You’re also learning new dives like the Forward 2 1/2 Somersaults in Pike Position and Armstand dives like the Armstand Reverse 2 Somersaults in the Tuck Position. Well Done!
Hours: 9.00am ~ 4.00pm
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

7. Synchronised Diver ~ You have taken place in competitions and will not let anybody bring you down. Now you’ve been practising Synchronised diving with your parter everybody cheers you good luck and supports you all the way.
Hours: 8.00am ~ 5.00pm
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

8. 10 Metre Diver ~ 10 meters is the highest board in diving you can go. Your dives are getting very advanced and people are so proud of what you’ve done. People are starting to recognise you since you’ve been to many competitions, flown around the world, visited many places and winning medals… Keep it up!
Hours: 8.00am ~ 2.00pm
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

9. Advanced Diver ~ Wow! You should be pleased with how far you’ve come! Most divers quit their career after many injuries and I’m sure you’ve had a few! You’re classed as an advanced diver and you have many fans inspired by you. You’ve become very popular and have been competing in the Common Wealth Games! Look how far you’ve come!
Hours: 8.00am ~ 2.00pm
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

10. Olympic Diver ~ It all comes down to this- the Olympic games. After training day after day constantly and been through blood, sweat and tears this has brought you to the Olympics which is next to come. Everyone can’t wait to see you perform with your new dives, techniques and syncros in the Olympics because you’ve trained enough to be Qualified into the games. Fate lies in your hands and do your country proud!
Hours: 9.00am ~ 2.00pm
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday


I’m not fluent enough in any other languages to translate, so if you’re interested in translating this career into your language, then please download this Language Strings file and open the file up in Notepad.

<STR>Translate This Text</STR>

Do that for the entire file, then email me your translation to: missyhissy0913@hotmail.co.uk and let me know which language you’re translating to. 🙂

The career works for me but if you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll do my best to sort it as quickly as possible.

Credits go to:
-EllieKontos for requesting the career and providing me with almost all the information!
-Twallan, for the Careers mod
-The Nraas team for keeping Twallan’s mods updated.

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