Recommended Mods & Additions

In the Simming Community there are a great number of talented modders improving gameplay. There are also a great number of modders who benefit the Custom Career field with their additions.

Arsil’s Custom Rabbitholes ~ I have a page dedicated to these here, but I highly recommend going over to his mod’s page at Mod the Sims because these doors give fantastic possibilities for using the careers.

t888’s Retirement By Phone ~ One of my lovely members at my forum created a tuning mod to allow retirement by phone for YA+ and this counts for all careers, including custom.

mikey’s Find All Jobs on the Computer and in the Newspaper ~ mikey at Mod the Sims created a great mod to be able to find the careers in the newspaper and on the computers, including the custom careers. Definitely worth it if you can never remember which rabbithole to find the career at!

JunJayMdM’s Campaign Fundraisers Online ~ Designed to work with the Political Career, this allows you to throw fundraisers online. It’s not been tested (not by me, at any rate) but I imagine this will work with my Museum Curator Career and is handy if you don’t want to throw the party.

Zerbu’s Ultimate Careers ~ Zerbu’s mod allows you to open up the workplace and follow your sims to work. This mod is also compatible with custom careers and there’s a lovely tutorial by Cinderellimouse on how to set this up.

Twoftmama’s Teens Can Take Unpaid Days Off ~ Twoftmama’s mod (registration is require but free) lets teens take unpaid time off work just like the adults. Recommended for use with my Apprenticeships when the teens could do with a day off!