Reporting Issues

When you report an error, there are a few basic things I really need to know, so I’d like people to please read this page BEFORE reporting an error.

1. If you’re getting an error with a particular career, either in game or downloading, please post about the error on the comments section on the post containing that career. So for example, if you’re having an issue with the Banking Career, please post in the comments section on the post for the Banking Career. It’s no help to me if you post on the alphabetical listings that the career is having an issue. It’s easier and tidier to keep everything together.

2. Please include the following information in your error reports:

  • Which career/afterschool activity/apprenticeship is giving you grief. This particularly applies to posts with more than one career/activity/apprenticeship.
  • What Patch Level you’re on (ie. patch 1.50, 1.47, 1.26 etc)
  • Which expansion packs you have installed. That way I can tell if the issue is related to missing information from an EP the reporter doesn’t have.
  • What version on Twallan’s Careers and/or Careers Data Schools mod you have installed. And this doesn’t mean saying “the latest one”. I need to know which Phase and which Version you’re using. So for example, Phase 13, Version 75.
Also, do yourself (and me) a favour and actually check back every day for a response. I do respond to any questions, usually every day, so I will respond if you’re reporting an issue. Don’t post the same issue in three or four different places and then never return to see the answer.
And one last thing; please report if my solution works. I can’t possibly be expected to know if a solution works if you guys don’t tell me.
Many thanks and Happy Simming! 🙂

43 Responses to Reporting Issues

  1. DS9Defiant says:

    Hello MissyHissy

    First off, I wanted to let you know just how much my sims LOVE your career mods. Their builder also wants to thank you, because my game wouldn’t be the same without them. 🙂

    On erroneous upload: most of the 10 Teen Apprenticeships that were recently updated for 1.55 are mislabeled and/or a double upload.

    Thanks again for these mods. Please keep up the amazing work! <333

  2. FLChicaog says:

    When I tried to download the IT Career, I got the message “It looks like nothing was found at this location.”

  3. FLChicaog says:

    Thank you for the quick response. These things do happen 🙂

  4. Ivy says:

    hi missy. your career mods are awesome. but I do have a question, when I take my sims to work at their workplace they can’t meet any coworkers or talk to their coworkers. I have patch 1.67. is there a way you can update all of your career mods to this latest patch? I really appreciate it. thank you! 🙂

    • missyhissy says:

      Which career are you having issues with? And when you say you can’t meet or talk to coworkers, do you mean the option doesn’t show up?
      There isn’t anything to update with the careers. You’ll need the update to Twallan’s Careers Mod over on the Wiki site. Please refer to this post too.

      • Ivy says:

        I am having problems with the banking, IT, and the estate careers. my sims can’t meet no one because it says that they have already met them. but they really haven’t met no sims within those careers mods. and I did update to twallan’s latest mod version too.

  5. Ivy says:

    and I am also having problems with the accountant career too.

    • missyhissy says:

      Do you have Twallan’s Story Progression installed too? Because there’s an option within that mod that allows sims to meet all co-workers instantly, and that sounds like what might be happening.
      Alternatively, it could be that the game hasn’t actually generated any co-workers yet 🙂

  6. Ivy says:

    Yes i do have twallan’s story progression mod installed. How do you get the mod to do that?

  7. hi can you tell me if yours careers works with the version 1.67 please

  8. drake baku says:

    Hello, I wanted to report some problems I have found.
    I have basically downloaded all careers (aside a few I have only found here, trough I plan on downloading those as well)
    I have the most recent Nraas/ twallan’s careers mod (I think it was phase 15)
    also I have updated sims3 to its latest patch (1.67)
    also I have all EP’s

    I have found multiple in the game that have a problem, the jobs are labeled as career followed with a lot of numbers.
    they have no working descriptions, names or anything, only way I can see what job is what is by looking at the picture.

    one of which is the magic guild (what I really wanted as I am playing with a mage in medieval age)
    the lawyer, NCIS, entrepreneur, fantasy judicial, monarch, Oceanography, socialites, boxer, brewer, fantasy forager, hunter, final fantasy 7 SeeD, manor Gardner, fantasy butcher, navi JAG corpse, final fantasy 7 Soldier, professional procrastinator, porn industries.

    I think that is it, well it might be that there are some that dont appear at all, but then I wont know XD
    anyway, I guess its not working due to some mistake with installation or something, my wife has the some problem with the same careers, do you know what is wrong?

    • drake baku says:

      additional detail, in the mage guild career, once working the only options with text are the relax and the just work normally, all others are blank

  9. missyhissy says:

    Hi there Drake, thanks for letting me know.
    First off, what language is your game in? If it’s not English, it could be an issue with the language strings.
    The Mage Guild and Lawyer careers – these are mine, yes? I probably can’t help with the others, but I recommend getting hold of the creators and letting them know.
    If your wife is having an issue with the same careers, it won’t be an installation issue 🙂

  10. Drake baku says:

    Its in Dutch
    So I guess that is it
    had the sane thought but we both thought it would not matter that badly as ones that do work still show the English text, makes me wonder what the difference is

    to bad I don’t understand modding
    (Have read the tutorials on modthesims, but I dont follow it sadly enough ( as I have a few mod ideas myself))
    Otherwise I would see if I can help with the strings for the Dutch

  11. missyhissy says:

    It sounds like a coding issue with the language strings. If a career doesn’t have the language strings translated, they’ll show in English. If they don’t show in English, then there’s a coding issue, or the string for that language isn’t in the package.
    If you want to translate any of the careers of mine that you and your wife have installed, I can double check the issue in them for you 🙂
    If you did want to learn to create them yourself, I’d be happy to help you out 🙂

    • Drake baku says:

      The careers that are in English are fine with us
      it is purely the ones where no texts show up at all
      English we can read. Nothingess we cant haha
      so question to add
      my wife said we can just change the games language to English without reinstaling the game
      would that fix the issue?

  12. missyhissy says:

    Which ones of my careers have no text showing? Is it just the Mage Guild and Lawyer?
    Nothingness would be difficult to read, I grant you 😛
    I’m 99% certain you’d have to reinstall the game. It’s an issue with the careers themselves. For any careers I’ve created, let me know exactly which ones and I can fix them for you.
    And careers made by somebody else, and you’ll need to let them know 🙂

    • Drake baku says:

      I have listed all tje careers
      so if those 2 are the obly ones then all your other careers do seem to work (or dont show up at all but I I doubt that xd)
      Looking for the other careers is going ro be a pain in the backside sadly enough, just dow b loaded them from modthesims so I will have to look hard en deep for that, oh well..

      Well about the installation, that would suck.
      have to redownload all instalation from origon and make back ups
      if I would have free time (no job) then it would take about a week or two (depending) and now I do have a job fulltime. And a little kid, so I wont have the time to reinstall the sims
      real bummer there 😥

  13. missyhissy says:

    Well I’ve fixed the Mage Guild career. Due to my own stupidity, I didn’t include the files for the other languages. So redownload the Mage Guild Career, and it should now show in English. Huge apologies for that.
    Couldn’t find a problem with the Lawyer Career, but I’ve reuploaded it anyway, just in case it’s a different version. Try redownloading now and let me know what happens. It it doesn’t work still, double check that it is my Lawyer Career and get back to me. 🙂

  14. drake baku says:

    have just now downloaded, well all your careers, even the ones that worked, just to be sure ^^
    also found out that the reason you could not find the problem with the lawyer is because the lawyer that was not working is from someone else, deleted that one and now I am using yours
    have to start the game first before I can check the rest, but at least you know about the lawyer and soon i will be able to say how it ended with the mage guild
    hopefully it works now ^^ (otherwise I will need to play by special rules I need to keep up for my own career idea until I get a reply from richard)

  15. missyhissy says:

    That would certainly explain it *lol* Fingers crossed for you! 🙂

    • drake baku says:

      well, here I am again, able to give you the final notice of the mageguild.
      everything works aside one little thing (but that is something so small)
      the thing is the second command for when working,but all players will know that that one is the work hard command, so its pretty small and un-important (for me at least)
      have not played trough all promotions, well honestly, have not reached any promotion let, but I trust it is all working further anyway ^^

  16. missyhissy says:

    So glad to hear it’s working! Thanks for letting me know!
    I can fix that when I’m on the right computer. Glad it’s all working properly! Enjoy! 😀

  17. Sammi says:

    I know this isn’t particularly where i’m supposed write requests, i’m really sure where i’m supposed to put requests. If u dont mind me pujtjting it here and u can and/or decied to do it, can u, by chance, make a FBI, mainly BAU(Criminal Minds), and NCIS based career?

  18. Mari Ginsberg says:

    Hello, Missy Hissy
    Thank you for all your mods, my sims like your careers a lot

    There’s an issue with Museum Curator Career: text is missing form working options starting at level 2. Only ‘working hard’, ‘relax with a coffee’, ‘take it easy’ and ‘meet curators’ show up; the other options and descriptions are blank

    Patch Level: 1.67
    EPs: All EPs
    NRaas Career mod: Phase 15, Version 86

    Sorry about my english 😛 and thank you again!

  19. Any way to get at your no-vampire-sparkles and no-zombies mods now that you’ve left modthesims?

  20. Paige says:

    Hey Missy, i have downloaded a bunch of your career options that seems like it would be fun to give my sims, unfortunately i can’t not seem to get any of them to pop up in my game. I go to the areas where they are said to be and they are not there. Can you help me please?

  21. Anna says:

    Hey Missy I downloaded the Accountant career which seems to be working fine but there is one issue with when an opportunity comes up it dosen’t show a describtion about what its about or even the title, it just shows what my sim will get when completing the task.
    My Patch Level is 1.69
    I have all EPs but I’m not using the Pets EP in game
    I have NRaas Career, Career School and Career Part-Time mods: Version 87, 66 & 61
    I play Sims 3 in German
    I also downloaded the Advertising career at the same time, but I dont know yet if it will have the same problem

    Thanks in advance!
    Btw: Love your careers ❤

    • missyhissy says:

      Hi Anna, thanks for the report. I’d forgotten to add the language compatibility for the opportunities. I think my brain shut down for the holidays before I did! All updated now and it should be working fine if you redownload. Apologies for the inconvenience! The Advertising should be fine 🙂

  22. gapeach424 says:

    Hello Missy, I really love your careers and wish I could download them; it seems the site you use to download them is down, and has been off and on for over a year. I know this is not a problem you can fix unless they can be downloaded elsewhere, just thought you should know. Thank you again for the awesome job you do making everyone’s simming more fun. One question, with SP3, where do I add that if I’m ever able to download your careers again? I am not sure if it should go to the desktop, or into the packages folder. Thank you.

    • missyhissy says:

      The site is doing maintenance at the moment and has needed to take the site offline for a few hours in order to fix the issues. Things should be back to normal soon. If there are any you’d like and don’t want to wait, drop me and email and let me know and I can send them direct to you 🙂 You’re asking about Sims3PackageEditor (S3PE), yes? If so, desktop. It’s a program to edit packages, so definitely not to the packages folder 🙂 Hope this helps you!

      • gapeach424 says:

        Thank you so much for your quick reply, the site says they are down while they move. I don’t mind waiting and really appreciate your willingness to help. Have a great day.

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