Requesting Careers

Although I’m not currently accepting requests for careers, I have opened a category on the Job Centre forum where you can request careers and any of the creators can accept them. So please do make use of it and request your careers.

Requesting Rules:

1. Give the name of the career you’d like.
2. Provide the career levels. This is fairly important. If you’re requesting a career, there’s a chance you know more about it than the creator does. So providing the levels, in order, would be very helpful and improves the chances of your career being created quicker.
3. Give some details. Things like pay per hour and the criteria for promotion are incredibly handy for creators.
4. Provide descriptions. Once again, you probably know more about the career you want than the creator does, so providing level descriptions would be very useful.
5. Keep one request per thread. I don’t mind how many requests you have open at once; there’s no limit, but please keep only one request in a thread.

So please make your requests over there 🙂
Happy Simming!