The Front Desk

Welcome to MissyHissy’s Job Centre! This is where I host all my Sims 3 Careers, Afterschool Activities and Apprenticeships!
This post is your go-to and should be your first port of call when you visit the Job Centre.

*All the careers are compatible with Patch 1.69*

A quick guide to the pages on this site:

  • The Updates page contains all the latest updates within the last month. Check it out often for any updates to existing careers, translations or new careers.
  • Notices contains two separate pages with notices I’d be grateful if you would read. These are Notes About Translations, which I would be grateful if everyone read (not just translators or potential translators) and Languages, which lists all the languages available in the game and the careers that have been translated into them. A handy list, updated frequently, particularly if you’re looking for careers in your own language, or would like to translate at all for me.
  • The Job Board contains a list of all the careers I’ve made, in alphabetical order, with links to each of the careers.
  • The Student Board is a list of the Afterschool Activities and Apprenticeships and will contain links to any Majors I may manage to create in the future.
  • The Creation Policies page is fairly self-explanatory and just outlines my overall policies.
  • The Reporting Issues page gives a guideline to reporting any issues with the careers. It does make it much easier if you guys follow these guidelines, and you’ll get your solutions a lot quicker if you do.
  • The FAQ page contains some frequently asked questions about downloading, installing and playing the careers, including common issues. Please take the time to read, it could save you hassle later on.

The menu on the side contains information about other mods that can work alongside the custom careers.

If you use any of the Careers I converted for Lientebollemeis, I won’t be copying those over to this blog, since they’re not really my work. But you can still download them from Lientebollemeis‘ site.

And if you’re interested in creating your own careers, or want somewhere simple and tidy to report errors, feel free to drop by MissyHissy’s Job Centre Forum! Alternatively, come over to the Discord channel for the Job Centre.

I’m looking for Mod Testers! If you’re interested, please read this post.

So Happy Simming and may your Sims never get fired!


16 Responses to The Front Desk

  1. Maria Paula Omena says:

    Hi, will you adapt your careers to the 1.67 patch? I really love them but they don’t work on my game 😦 Thanks

  2. hi says:

    where do you go to join the career in dance

  3. I was wondering if I could request a tattoo artist career?

  4. Brianna says:

    if you decide not to make anymore careers, would you consider making a tutorial on how to make them so that those of us who had career suggestions can try and make our own?

  5. Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Where do I download these?

    • missyhissy says:

      Go to the Job Board and you’ll find the links to all the careers there 🙂 Just pick and choose which ones you want and the download links are on the individual pages 🙂

  6. Nicole says:

    I dont know if this is still active but do you know how I can go about editing one of your careers? Im on a mac and am trying to figure out how to open the file just to edit the job titles

  7. Hanna says:

    Hello, do your custom careers work with patch 1.69? Thank you!

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