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  1. Wiz says:

    I can’t download the Airline career.

  2. Hannah says:

    How do you download these? Are they mods or what?

  3. Tranqwill says:

    Hi Missyhissy,
    Can you upload a tutorial on how to make these careers, if not can you make a Video Blogger Career that isn’t rabbit-hole, like a self-employed job. Thanks!

  4. sberfbsdn says:

    I had a question.
    Do you still create careers for Sims 3?

    • missyhissy says:

      At the moment, I’m not sure. I’ve been very busy and don’t have as much time to dedicate as I used to πŸ™‚

      • sberfbsdn says:

        Oh, ok.
        Fair enough.
        I understand.
        If you were, I was going to request the career for Sims 3, but it’s fine.
        Real life is more important then anything.

  5. Candace says:

    If you do decide to make some more Sims3 careers, I’m looking for a Photographer and Novelist. πŸ™‚ I’ve downloaded several of your other career options…they are fantastic! Thank you for all your hard work!

  6. Andrea Gomez says:

    Hi! I have the 1.69 version. Do versions of these careers are compatible with my game?

  7. Orchid says:

    Could I request a volleyball career? πŸ™‚

  8. Angela King says:

    Great careers! Have you got any Medieval ones?

  9. Jenesa says:

    noooo i cant find the ballerina career and all of my mods got deleted!
    Please someone help I want my sims to be a ballerina and im so frustrated! Is it not up anymore???

  10. Do these custom careers overwrite the game default careers, or can I play Sims with both game default careers and these careers?

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  12. Mikhaleesi says:

    Was a Midwife career ever created?

  13. Hi, is there a possibility of downloading all the careers at once? IΒ΄m feeling lazy and i do not want to do it one by one. Sorry for the laziness.

  14. By the way, thank you so much for the careers!!!!

  15. Manuela says:

    Is it there a way to have the tatto artist career back? Btw love your work!

  16. Kaite says:

    hey, is there anyway you could make a trucker career or professional driver career?

  17. Angie says:

    MissyHissy, the link to “Comic Artist career” is wrong. The link goes to “Critic career”. πŸ™‚

  18. Eduardo Pimentel says:

    Dono do site, estou traduzindo diversos Mods pra Pt-Br, se quiser me avise.

    • missyhissy says:

      Muito Obrigado! Estou usando o Google traduzir por isso peΓ§o desculpas se isso nΓ£o Γ© perfeito. Eu vou atualizar assim que vocΓͺ enviΓ‘-los para mim. Eu realmente aprecio a ajuda!

  19. Venessa Fields says:

    Ever career I have in my game from here is amazing and they all run so smooth. Giving you the right amount of challenge. Thank you so much for your hard work!!!

  20. Ann88cz says:

    Hi, I love your careers. The only problem I have specifically with the banking career is when I use Zerbu’s open career mod. Doesn’t matter what object I use, the performance bar is not going up. Do your careers not work with this mod? Or what are the careers based on so I can find the proper objects to work with? Thank you!

    • missyhissy says:

      Hi there! The careers do work with Zerbu’s mod. I recommend linking the Banking Career to the Business Career using the mod. I’ve got a list of recommendations here. Has your sim also got their skills up to a reasonable level?

  21. HyunHee says:

    Hey can you please add a tattoo artist career?

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